Sale and Leaseback & Sale and Hire Purchase are an excellent method of raising cash from used machinery, plant, equipment and commercial vehicles owned by your business.

The cash can be used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Management buyouts
  • Funding cash-flow
  • Deposits to puchase new or used machinery
  • Buying property
  • Expansion and competitor acquisition
  • Purchase of soft assets that can’t otherwise be financed

What assets are suitable for a Sale and Leaseback?

Most machinery can be refinanced providing it has a trade value of more than £15000.

Popular assets for Sale and Leaseback include:

  • Machinery & workshop equipment
  • Farm & agricultural machinery & equipment
  • Injection moulding machines
  • CNC machines
  • Construction plant
  • Forklift Trucks
  • Industrial plant & equipment
  • Generators
  • Commercial vehicles

Sale and Leaseback & Hire Purchase Back

Sale and Leaseback and Hire Purchase back are both excellent methods of raising cash for your business.

In most cases, we recommend a Sale and Hire Purchase back as title is automatically transferred at the end of the agreement.

Maximum age

There is no age limit for machinery on a sale and leaseback/hire purchase back.

Providing the machinery has a trade value of more than £15000 then we can help

How much cash could be raised?

In normal circumstances you could expect to raise in the region of 80% of the trade value from a sale and leaseback.

When will I receive payment?

Upon completion of the necessary documentation payment would be made into your account with a matter of days.

Will I need to provide proof of purchase?

Ideally you will have the original sales invoice from when the asset was purchased but if this can’t be provided then a letter from a certified accountant would normally do.

What if the Used Machinery is already on finance?

If the used machine is already on finance then part of the cash raised would go towards the settlement of the outstanding agreement.  In many cases it is possible to settle the existing finance to release equity that’s otherwise locked in.

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